Joi Rumph

founder of ReBloom

After working in the corporate arena as Senior Executive Assistant to various CEO’s, Presidents, and Vice
Presidents for over 25 years, I made a decision to leave the corporate world behind. I felt a strong desire
to work in a humanitarian field. Returning to school at the age of 53, I now hold Masters Degrees in both
Addiction Studies and Forensic Psychology. It was my experiences along this journey that led me to
discover my real passion, a desire to help individuals who struggle with addiction and addictive
After much research and hands on work, studying both here in the United States and abroad, I surmised
that the United States has historically held a punitive view on these disorders. While many drug courts
are now established throughout the country, at times the focus is on compelling an individual into
treatment. Focus must be paid to helping those individuals discover their need for treatment by helping
them examine and discover the underlying factors contributing to the disorder. Research has proven
that these disorders respond best to long term treatment however our medical system has determined
that 28 days in a treatment facility should suffice. In response, we have greater and greater numbers
leaving treatment and relapsing and many others not able to obtain treatment due to cost.
With all of the current work being done in the field, a large amount attributed to the National Institute
of Addiction, we are learning more and more every day in terms of how the brain and therefore the
physical body responds. Attention as well is finally being paid to trauma, and its effects on addictive
disorders. These findings however are not necessarily being translated into the care system which is
currently overwhelmed and backlogged, and many programs simply cannot offer the individualized care
that is needed. It is in many cases cost prohibitive especially in terms of trying to treat the large numbers
of individuals falling prey to these disorders.
It was then through my working experience, I felt what was needed to more appropriately address the
problems of substance abuse and alcohol abuse disorders was a hands on, one on one, individualized
approach. That is how ReBloom, Inc came into existence. I wanted to create a service that was more
individually minded, offering not only consulting for families and clients when choosing and locating the
best treatment facilities for their particular needs, but hands on support through coaching and
counseling for patients who need treatment, have left treatment, or need more individualized care.
Many with this disorder have tried repetitive treatment programs only to fall again prey to this disorder.
It is those as well we wish to help.
Developing a rapport with not only clients, families and other treatment providers while maintaining the
strictest confidentiality is essential to the core of ReBloom, Inc. Providing treatment that extends 28
days may provide detox and short-term sobriety, the real work has yet to be accomplished and requires
follow-up and maintenance. Providing treatment and support that extends beyond 28 days allows
adequate time to treat the whole person. Each individual is different in the types of after care, coaching
or counseling they require to maintain a lifetime of sobriety. I aim to help the whole person to heal,
mentally, physically and emotionally and assist them in leading productive and satisfying lives. I am my
brother’s keeper.
This is my passion, my gift…..ReBloom, Inc.