Five Signs Your Loved One May Be Suffering From Drug Addiction

Five Signs Your Loved One May Be Suffering From Drug Addiction

While drug addiction can be crippling and life changing for those who suffer from it, it can be just as devastating for those who love and care for them. If you have some suspicion that a loved one has fallen victim to drug addiction, your probably asking yourself, “How can I be sure?” While there is no way to know for certain a loved has a drug addiction, aside from a drug test or them admitting to it, here are a few signs to look for:

  1. Problems at school or work: missing school regularly, sudden disinterest in school activities or work, a drop in grades or work performance.
  2. Physical health issues: Lack of energy and motivation, rapid weight loss or gain and red eyes.
  3. Neglected appearance: lack of interest in clothing, grooming or looks.
  4. Changes in behavior: Exaggerated efforts to bar family members from entering his/her room or being secretive about where he/she goes with friends; drastic changes in behavior and relationships with friends and family.
  5. Money issues: sudden requests for money without a reasonable explanation; or discovering that money is missing or has been stolen or items have disappeared from your home, indicating they’re being sold to support drug use.

If these signs look familiar to you, pull your loved one aside and talk to them about your concerns and should they need help with recovering and blossoming into the best versions of themselves, contact us for a customized therapy session here.

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