Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

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Check yourself……do you have an attitude of gratitude? Are you stuck in a bad situation? Is everything in your life heading in the wrong direction? Do you feel as if you are not getting where you want or need to go?…..Check your attitude, is it one of gratitude?

Most major illnesses, including those of substance and alcohol disorder are accompanied by a lack of gratitude. In my work, I rarely encounter an individual full of gratitude in their current situation, most are lamenting the troubles that have accompanied their problems. I’m here to tell you ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING AND GRATITUDE IS KEY.

Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to you? Well, no matter what you are going through, no matter where you are, it all amounts to perspective. An attitude of gratitude requires a perspective shift. Are you struggling to get free from a substance abuse problem and you wonder how to be grateful……be grateful you know you need to get free, start there! Focus on the fact that you now have the realization that this isn’t working, change your perspective. To realize you have a problem is the first step, for that you should be grateful, your own self awareness…..that’s the first step. Many don’t realize or acknowledge a problem, see, you’re one step ahead of the game.

In all things there is something to be grateful for and if you are stuck, you need to find them. It is a major component to freedom and change. According to studies conducted at several top universities across the country, individual’s attitudes and perspectives on their health challenges, had a dramatic effect on their longevity. “Depression and anxiety can fuel many illnesses, including heart disease, hypertension, asthma, and possibly even cancer and diabetes. A positive attitude about health can ward off mental distress and may help provide important protection against these diseases, says Gunnar Engstrom, MD, a professor at Lund University in Sweden, who has extensively studied self-ratings of health.”

 Do you stop to take note of what you are grateful for, do you notice the small things or are you focused on the little things that are going wrong? Can you find the beauty that surrounds you even in a morning, a moment, a day? Every day is an opportunity to change, your life, your world, your choices….be grateful for that day. Today perhaps you make better choices, embrace those and be grateful.

Find the positives in your life and you will draw more positives into it! Focus on the negative and well….fasten your seat belt. The hardest thing to do in any situation that we perceive as negative is to find the positives in it. Search for them, embrace them, what has this situation taught you about yourself? About others? About where you are and where you want to be?

I encourage you to start a daily list of things you are grateful for….this list can change your life! It may be hard at first, but train yourself to find things everyday you are grateful for and watch how much easier it gets, how much longer the list gets….PRACTICE this tool every day. The more you see the positives in your life, the more you will seek to protect them, strive to preserve them, find value in this life you are living.

So, stop complaining and start writing. Find things every day and every night to be grateful for, after all….you are here to write the list! Get writing and watch the world become a brighter place as you embrace the possibilities in it. Determine yourself to have an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE and watch the world you live in change right in front of your eyes.

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