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ReBloom is committed to providing Coaching, Counseling and Consulting services. We are a client centered, solution focused company. In essence this is the focus of our conceirge style treatment, we will customize design a plan that meets your individual needs for treatment, support and care, rest assured we at ReBloom are here for you!

Coaching and Counseling Services

  We are completely client focused and will work with you and your loved ones to design a plan that best meets your needs. All support plans and treatment plans are individualized and as such can and will be adapted to target varying areas of concentration after each milestone is crossed.

  • Overnight support

    Our coaches are available to provide overnight support for you to help you manage those long evenings and we offer telephone support as well.

  • Counseling Services

    We offer counseling services in a wide array of styles, ranging from individual session where we will work with you one on one, arranging for group sessions to promote coheisiveness and contact with others attempting to reach the same goals and linking you with to outside acitivities with other support groups as well. All designed to help our clients obtain and maintain sobriety.

  • Support at Vulnerable Hours

    Whether your needs are someone to accompany and support you daily during a 24/7 period after first obtaining sobriety, attend meetings with you, plan treatment, provide coaching during tough times, discuss current struggles, problem solve, seek out resources, or weekly counseling ,we offer support at vulnerable hours.

Consulting Services

 Choosing the right in-patient facility can be difficult. Finding one that meets the target needs of the client and client’s family can be an overwhelming task. This is where ReBloom’s staff comes in. We are a full service, client centered concierge style company. We are here for you. In essence, we work with clients and their families before, during and after treatment to provide additional support

  • Logistics Support

    We will accompany you and/or family members on visitis to facilities, mantain follow-up with clients in treatment and assist in designing after care plans as well as providing our services for those leaving an in-patient treatment program. We are committed to our clients and their families, and will even support clients should circumstances warrant court appearances on their behalf.

  • Resource Consulting

    We at ReBloom will work with you consulting with facilities, answering questions, all in an effort to help you find the best treatment possible when looking for inpatient, short term, detox and long term treatment services.


My experience with Mrs. Joi Rumph has been extraordinary. We began to build rapport with one another in the fall of '17, while I was attending DUI court - mandated counseling sessions. The first attribute that I noticed, was that her style is much different than other counselors I've met. I would say her approach is integrative, relational, and solution-focused. After being one of her many students in a group counseling class once per week, Joi took me on for individual counseling. I remember past experiences with one-on-one counselors being quite uncomfortable, but this was not the case with Joi. Instead of being nervous or apprehensive about going to our scheduled sessions, I became excited and hopeful because I learned what I could expect from her: relatability, acceptance, and competence above many other outstanding qualities. Our conversations have allowed me to increase my self-awareness, and her support has given me a degree of courage (which I lacked) to fight for my sobriety. Because I learned that I can trust her, I could tell her my problems and she would suggest to me how to face them. I've always felt like my recovery was, for her, not just a professional goal, but a personal goal as well. As far as counselors are concerned, she is hands-down the most exceptional and trustworthy. I can't thank her enough.
I have really benifitted from my one on one counseling sessions with Ms.Joi she is really in tune with the facts of life. I would highly recommend her to any one dealing with issues on life that have you questioning yourself whether its relationships, alcohol or drug abuse or if you feel your life isnt what you want it to be. She is very intelligent and knowledgeable on lifes issues along with her MS in Addiction and MSC in Forensic Psycology she is truly good at what she does. So thank you Ms. Joi for all the sessions we had they were great

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