Our Mission Statment

We endeavor through support, compassion, wisdom and experience, to work in tandem with our clients assisting them in achieving their personal goals, and as such regaining their rightful, fulfilled and vital lives. It is through this endeavor that we honor each other by operating with integrity, honesty, truth and professionalism. We are guided in this purpose to remember that each success is celebrated as a step forward, each mistake is an opportunity to offer support, each milestone is one we have crossed together. We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.   We acknowledge a changed mind is a changed life.

The ReBloom Concept

We at ReBloom accept the American Psychological Association (APA) and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition of addiction as a chronic disorder with biological, psychological and social factors.

 We at Rebloom also accept the American Medical Association (AMA) and American Society of Addiction Medicine’s {ASAM} definition of addiction as a disease and we, along with the AMA and ASAM, accept the Disease Model of Addiction.

We also recognize the important cutting edge research being conducted by The National Institute of Drug Addiction (NIDA) and their continuing efforts to isolate components contributing to the determination of addiction as a disease of the brain.  

We believe in the continuing of education and advancement in the field of addictive disorders and feel it is our responsibility to our communities and to our clients to stay abreast of advancements, innovative methods and techniques available to enhance treatment and healing for these disorders.

We do not believe the criminalization of these disorders is effective. As an agency, we seek better methods to address the mounting concerns over substance use disorders in our communities, country and around the world.

We subscribe to a holistic approach and acknowledge that harm reduction methods used by many countries around the world have been far more successful than war on drug campaigns.  

Here at ReBloom, we believe effective recovery incorporates methodology and programs that address all three factors: biological, psychological and social. These are necessary in our mind to effectively begin to stem the rising numbers of substance disorders both in the United States and around the world.

At ReBloom, an individual who suffers from substance, alcohol or behavioral disorders can work with a staff member to identify opportunities for support in each of these key areas, and avail themselves of a customized support program aimed at helping to address those areas which are most challenging.

We are a client centered and solution focused company. Whether a client requires someone to accompany them to meetings, sit with them when they talk with their family during sensitive conversations, discuss their current struggles, problem solve, seek out resources, or desires someone to increase their accountability by staying with them at their most vulnerable hours, we at ReBloom are here for you. This is what Rebloom seeks to do. We work alongside those wishing to regain the active enjoyable parts of a life lived free from such disorders, and together facilitate methods and means best fitted for the client’s lifestyles and personal goals.  These are just a sampling of the customized services available to clients at ReBloom. At ReBloom Inc, we also provide consulting services to families and clients assisting in locating and choosing the proper treatment programs for themselves or their loved ones, as well as designing a thorough map to recovery. We will work alongside a facility and reestablish support after treatment.